Before Adopting

Adoption Gift CertificateAnimals of all ages and breeds come to the shelter because owners do not have time or funds, or because
they were lost and turned in, or picked up as strays and never claimed. 

Please carefully consider before adopting:

Dog or Cat? 

SinceMary Kate the cat dogs are pack animals, they desire to be with humans or other dogs vs. isolated in a backyard. When left alone, they may develop anxiety or become bored and bark, chew and dig to relieve these feelings. 

Cats also do better inside. Outdoor cats are subject to death or injury by cars or other animals; the average lifespan of an outdoor cat is only two years vs. the average of 15 years for indoor cats.

Young Vs. Adult Animal

Kittens and puppies are adorable but are not the best match for every household. Their sharp claws and teeth can destroy property and they require a lot of time to train and socialize. They may not adapt well if you already have pets.

Renters and Homeowners

Some landlords do not allow pets, so we ask you to provide written proof that pets are allowed where you live.  Also, before adopting, consider how many times you might move during the average 12-year lifespan of a dog.  Some homeowner's insurance policies do not cover certain breeds of dogs. Check before you adopt.

Adoption Gift Certificates Available – Give the gift of unconditional love!

Visit the animal shelter to pick up an Adoption Gift Certificate and give it to someone who is looking to give a pet a forever home.

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