Barks and Recreation Program

​Bradshaw Animal Shel​ter's new doggy field trip program gives a shelter pup a break from their kennel with a fun day out on the town!

How it Works:  

  1. Make a meet and greet appointment online.
  2. Meet and pick up your pup.
  3. Have fun and take lots of photos.
  4. Bring them back by 4:00 p.m.​

Frequently Asked Questions:   

  • Do I get to select the dog I will take out? We have a pre-selected list of dogs available for this program. When you make your appointment online, please give us details about what you are most comfortable with. This includes your skill level and size of dog.
  • Why aren't there any appointments available? If you go to the appointment link above and find no available dates, that means we are booked up. Please check back later.
  •  Do I need to bring a leash or supplies? We will provide you with a backpack filled with a leash, harness, water, and other supplies for your field trip. We will also provide you with emergency contact information and go over what you will need to know during your meet and greet appointment.
  • Can I bring my kids? You know your kids best and how they will do with a dog. We recommend slow and safe introduction and will go over this with you during your meet and greet. Please be sure to tell a staff member if you plan to include your children or simply bring them to the appointment so we can best match you with a shelter dog.
  • Can I introduce them to my dog, a friend's dog, or bring them to a dog bark? Please do not introduce our shelter dogs to other dogs whether in public, at a dog bark, at home, etc. If you have any questions about this, please ask a staff member during your meet and greet appointment.
  • I took pictures of the dog I took out, where can I send them? Please send all photos and notes about the dog to

During your meet and greet appointment, we will go over a list of dos and don'ts with you. For more questions about the Barks & Recreation Program, email