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Rabit imageAdoptable Rabbits!

Rabbits are the third most popular pet in the US and make wonderful pets - they can even be litter box trained!

View adoptable rabbits on the SacCounty Bradshaw Shelter website.​

Visit FUR at ​http://www.friendsofunwantedrabbits.org/ ​and see photos of adoptable rabbits ready to be adopted by good families.

Fri​ends of Unwanted Rabbits Adoption Program

Created by a volunteer in 2004, F.U.R brings shelter rabbits to PETSMART stores to increase adoptions. The program is supported by TEAM, the non-profit affiliate of the Shelter.

Volunteers care for the rabbits and counsel adaptors about rabbit needs and care. Bunny adoptions are a success!

Donations: Rabbit Wish List

View full wish list f​or rabbits

Looking for a Gift?

How about a hand-made Lavender Scented Therapy Bag for $10? This bag can be re-used, heated or cooled.

We have quality blankets available for purchase, made of cotton, organic cotton batting and Sherpa material. Contact teamfur@gmail.com for more information.

High quality items, including logo apparel and accessories designed by New York artist Cristian Fleming, can be purchased at www.cafepress.com/teamfur. All proceeds are used for bunny care.

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