Chickens and Roosters in Sacramento County

photo of a Rooster Sacramento County Zoning Code Ordinances determine if you can keep chickens or roosters on your property in the unincorporated areas of Sacramento County.

What is a Zoning Ordinance?

Counties adopt zoning ordinance (rules) to designate how land can be used and are designed ​to protect property owner rights and private property values by ensuring standards for public health, safety, and welfare are in place. For many property owners, zoning's primary benefit is ensuring that potentially harmful, incompatible uses of neighboring properties will not threaten the value of their properties and their legitimate uses.

Can I keep chickens or roosters on my residential zoned property?

Generally speaking, chickens/roosters, ducks, and geese can be kept on your residential property if your lot size is a minimum 10,000 square feet in area. However, depending on your specific zone designation and property size, restrictions do apply. Please review the Sacrament​o County Zoning Code Chapter 3: Use Regulations for details​ or the animal FAQ webpage. ​A renter must​ have permission in writing from the property owner to raise fowl. ​

For information about your specific property and its zone designation, contact the Planning Department Public Information Officer at (916) 874-6221 or email

Why chickens and/or roosters are considered a problem?

Chickens and/or roosters can disturb the peace and quiet of a neighborhood and strain relationships with neighbors. They can cause noise, odors, and attract flies and other nuisance insects. They make it difficult for neighbors to spend time in their yards, noise can disturb their sleep, odors force people to keep windows closed, and interferes with the enjoyment of their homes.

If you have any questions regarding the county zoning codes, please contact the Planning Department Public Information Office at (916) 874-6221 or email at

Adopt a Chicken

photo of a ChickenInterested in raising chickens in the unincorporated Sacramento County? The Sacramento County Bradshaw Animal Shelter receives many chickens in a variety of breeds year-round and that need new homes. Learn about this unique bird and its habitat.

Basic Information

Cockfighting is illegal and​ is animal abuse. Report it.