Dead Animals

Customers in the unincorporated service area can call 311, visit 311 Connect or if calling outside of unincorporated Sacramento County areas, dial, 916-875-4311 to have animals in roadways removed. Calls are prioritized, and public safety is our top priority; it may be several days before the animal can be removed.

An animal weighing less than 15 pounds may be deposited in County curbside garbage carts. Dead animals more than 15 pounds or animals disposed in quantity should be taken to a rendering plant, veterinary clinic, pet cemetery, or Kiefer Landfill (check hard-to-handle items for days/hours/fees).  Animals previously used for medical purposes are not acceptable for disposal.

Bird (Avian) Flu and Dead Birds Information

Reporting Dead Birds:

To report a dead bird, call 1-877-968-2473 or visit CA West Nile ​Virus Website - Dead Bird Online Submission Form. If the hotline instructs you to dispose of the bird, dispose of properly: wear rubber gloves, wrap and tie the bird in a plastic bag, and dispose of the bird in an outside refuse can.​