Animal Behavior / Handling

​Frequently Asked Questions

Technically yes, but preferably not. Decaying buried animals can pose biological contamination risks to water systems, humans and animals who may come into contact with the carcass. 

Alternatives include taking your animal to a local vet hospital or shelter for disposal, or to a crematorium for cremation.

Yes, customers of County Waste Management & Recycling can put dead animals weighing less than 15 lbs. into their garbage carts.  

Larger birds should be taken to a rendering plant, veterinary clinic, animal shelter or pet cemetery. 

When disposing of dead birds, wear gloves, enclose and tie the bird in a plastic bag and wash your hands thoroughly when finished.

Call (916) -875-5656 to report the nuisance (see our information on barking dogs).

No.  For pick-up of wild animals contact a licensed wildlife trapper or the County Agricultural Commission at (916) 875-6603. 

To remove feral cats from your neighborhood, use a humane trap which is available for rent from many local area feed stores. Learn how to effectively deal with feral cat populations.​