Shelter Services and Operations

Frequently Asked Questions

We accept checks for licenses only. However, if you are clearing a citation for licensing, please be prepared to pay cash, Debit, Visa or Mastercard as checks will not be accepted. Returned check fee is $44.

At this time we do not have the manpower to do this, however you can visit the shelter to check on the status.​​​

We spay and neuter all animals that are being adopted, but are not currently equipped to offer these services to the general public. View our Spay/Neuter pages​ for more information.

Staff is trained to humanely and quickly euthanize an animal using an injection of a solution. This process is similar to how the procedure is performed in a veterinarian's office. 

The process is always emotionally difficult for our staff and a part of our jobs we wish didn't exist.

On average, cats and dogs stay an average of 10 days at the shelter. The length an animal stays depends on many factors, including their health and how well they are socialized.​

There are costs associated with taking calls, dispatching officers, picking up the animals, processing the paperwork, feeding and sheltering animals, and providing medical assessment and care when needed.

There are several reasons:

  • If the animal is in too poor of health to be adopted
  • Is aggressive and would be a danger to children or a new owner
  • Or if we have more animals coming then there is space for

Animal overpopulation and irresponsible pet ownership is a problem and we are dedicated to being a part of the solution through increasing shelter adoptions, supporting spay and neuter programs and educating residents whenever possible.

The fronts of the cat kennels are glass or Plexiglas to protect against the transfer of upper respiratory infections.