Microchip Pet IDs

No one expects to lose their pet, but when they do, microchip​ pet IDs with a collar, ID tags and license are the best way to help your pets find their way home.

Reunification Story

Reunited and it feels so good!

An amazing story of Chico’s reunification with his owner after 8 years – all because of a microchip!

Chico reunited with Owner EnriqueUnfortunately, as so often happens, a stray came to the Animal Shelter – but, fortunately, this dog had a microchip, with a valid phone number! This was no ordinary stray… the dog named “Chico” had been stolen eight years ago and the phone number was to the rightful owner! Read about their reunion.

The Chico Fund

We were so excited to make this happy reunion and you can help us to make more happy reunions possible by donating through PayPal to the “Chico fund.”