Before Turning In Your Pet

Is your pet giving you trouble or do you find you can no longer care for your animal?  Before giving up, there are many steps you might consider. Pet owners can also visit​ for helpful resources.

If Your Animal Won't "Behave":

There are i​nexpensive and effective trainers that may be able to help. Check the yellow pages, search for "pet trainers" online or contact local parks and recreation organizations for trainers and classes.

Check These Helpful Training Resources

Spaying and neutering frequently curbs undesirable behaviors. View more information about spay and neutering, including a list of free and low cost resources.

If You Can't Find Pet-Friendly Housing

Sadly, many pets end up in shelters because of difficulty in finding pet-friendly housing.

View list of rental properties that accept pets.

If You Must Give Up Your Pet:

Try a Rescue Organization: They may offer solutions, either with referrals or by taking your pet. View  Sacramento Area Animal Coalition or Puppy Love Rescue for lists of organizations.  View More Rescue Organization information.

Try Finding a Responsible New Owner: List your pet for adoption on, on Craig's List, the local Pennysaver or newspaper.  Pit bulls and pit bull mixes can also be listed at  (Once you have your pet listed on simply click on "printer Friendly View" for a printable flyer)

Distribute pet adoption flyers at local pet stores, veterinary offices, work lunch-rooms, church bulletin boards or supermarkets. Screen potential adopters to ensure the animal will be properly cared for and avoid advertising "free to a good home." A helpful link:

Try the Local SPCA: Sacramento SPCA provides animal services for Rancho Cordova and the City of Sacramento​ has their own shelter. We cannot accept animals from these cities.

The SPCA takes owned animals from throughout the entire county as well as stray animals from Rancho Cordova. They are located at 6201 Florin-Perkins Road, Sacramento. SPCA information and hours: 916-383-7387.

Sacramento County Animal Shelter Fees​​