Animal Care Sponsorships

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Gold Status

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Sacramento Pet Cemetery​ & Crematory
9558 Gerber Road, Sacramento, CA 95829
916-423-1042 / 24-hour service

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Willke, Fleury, Hoffelt, Gould & Birney, LLP

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Laguna Adoption Program County Animals TEAM Sacramento 

Small Pet Select
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​​Hay for Rabbits, Guinea Pigs & Chinchillas

 Habitat Sponsors​:

  • Todd Ramming and John Fernandes Family
  • Deniz Family
  • The Gotta Family
  • Hart-Ureel Family
  • Lap Cats
  • McGeorge Animal Law Society
  • Wilke Fluery (Corporate Sponsor)

Kennel Sponsors:

  • Barbara Doty (2 kennels)
  • Bridget Landgraf and Barbara Carlson
  • Carol Johnston
  • Cookie Robinson
  • Diana and Tim Essert aka. Mr. and Mrs. Bunny
  • Sac City Rollers (2 kennels)
  • The Schwartz Family
  • Susan Peterson
  • Tina Harris
  • Trends-n-Treats pet supply, spa and boutique

Recognition Titles:

  • Alyssa and Cameron Johnson
  • The Baird family for Bailey
  • For Bandit from Shari and Mike
  • The Brattin family for Tigger
  • For Cookie Robinson
  • The Deniz family for Sir Magnus Maximus and Tazmara
  • The Denny Family for Maybe
  • The Geisler-Balazs family for Billy
  • The Gotta family for Cocoa Puff and Joe
  • For Gracie, Vivian and Izabelle
  • Keith and Debbie Willey for 'Gus' and for 'Daphne'
  • The Gutierrez family for Holli and Saki
  • The Howe family for Timon, Theo and Bear
  • For Jenny Lynn Fisher from family (in Memory)
  • For 'Joey'
  • The Johnston family for Prince Harry
  • Joshua Romeo for Big Boy
  • The Lukins family for Shadow
  • For Marilyn Anderson
  • For Margaret H. Bowen from family (in Memory)
  • For Max from Pat and Jim
  • For 'Mia'
  • The Mitsuhashi family for Maddie Rose
  • The Navarro family for Hobie
  • For Pat Claerbout
  • For Pepper from Jack, Kathleen and Tricia
  • St. Mary's Episcopal Church
  • The Texieras for Esa
  • For Tuff and Tonka from Jen and Bryan
  • For Wynne Bowen from Barb (in Memory)
  • For 'Zues'