About Our Organization

June 2013, Animal Shelter leadership met to identify the department’s top goals and priorities.  

Three major objectives emerged: 

  • Improve Leadership Team cohesion and communication;
  • Promote accountability throughout organization; and
  • Create a positive, motivating and gratifying culture for all.

Next, the leadership secured feedback from staff, partner rescue groups, and the Shelter’s extensive volunteer group through meetings, emails and phone calls during a two month period. 

Developed from that feedback were the initial elements of a strategic plan, including short and long term attainable objectives; mission, vision and values statements; and a draft code of conduct to establish expectations. 

During planning, issues moved to the forefront, such as the need for additional staffing/support; expanded low-cost spay/neuter program; and x-ray machine, among others.  Immediate support came from the Board of Supervisors and County Executive’s office to remedy these issues. 

​The Animal Shelter leadership will continue to meet and also develop a communication plan for timely information sharing, and follow-up meetings with staff, rescue groups, and volunteers will be scheduled for continued feedback opportunities.