Wild Animals / Feral Cats

We do not handle live wild animals including skunks, poisonous snakes, possums and deer. We do assist with cows, horses and llamas. Call 916-368-7387 for more information.

The County Agricultural Commission has a trapper service that sets traps and picks up raccoons, skunks, possums and coyotes. To contact the Federal Trapper assigned to Sacramento County, call 916-875-6603 weekdays between 7:30 a.m. - 8:30 a.m. The trapper leaves the office at 8:30 and any calls coming in after 8:30 are processed the next day. The trapper charges a $25 fee for the trap and the first animal pick-up. Any additional animals picked up are $12.50 each. Wildlife Services - County Agricultural Commission.

Some wild animals may carry rabies or ticks that carry the disease tularemia, so it is best to leave wild animals alone, and to make sure your pets are vaccinated against rabies and have been treated against fleas or ticks if they are indoor/outdoor pets.

Feral and Wild Animal Resources and Information