Kitty in BowlFoster Care Providers Save Lives!

Foster care providers are critical to our efforts to save lives by providing temporary care outside of the shelter to animals such as those being too young for adoption, needing to recover from an illness or injury, for behavior modification, or just because they need a break from the stresses of shelter life. In order to make the fostering experience a positive one for both you and the animal, we match animals in need to the foster provider’s home environment, personal abilities, and comfort level in working with various medical conditions or behaviors.

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​How Do I Get Involved?

For those at least 18 years of age, the first step is to submit a foster application to​. You can also participate in an upcoming Foster Orientation. Orientations are held in our classroom at 3839 Bradshaw Road and we are limiting each session to 10 participants. Please bring your filled-out foster application and arrive on time as we start promptly.​

Upcoming Foster Orientation(s):

  • Bottle Baby Kitten Fostering
    • TBD​
  • Dog Foster Orientation
    • TBD 

Important information to read before applying:​

What is expected of me?
What animals need foster care?
Are there any costs associated with foster?
What is the time commitment?
Can I foster even if I work full-time?
What type of space do I need at home?

For more info
rmation on fostering our animals please contact​ or our foster team below:

Foster & Rescue Coordinator