New Animal Shelter for Sacramento County

The front entrance of the new Sacramento County Animal ShelterThe new state-of-the-art shelter opened October 1, 2009.  

Renowned animal shelter architect firm George Miers and Associates designed the shelter.  

As mandated by local law, we worked with the Sacramento Metropolitan Arts Commission - under the Art in Public Places program, to incorporate art into the new facility. Visit the Arts Commission Site.

Why We Needed a New Shelter:

The old animal care facility was more than 40 years old and built when the "pound" merely controlled stray animals and provided rabies control.  The building was also inefficient and required frequent expensive repairs.One of the totems that stands in front of the Animal Shelter 

Because of legislation and changing community values, the scope of shelters has broadened. The new facility will encourage visitors, increase adoptions and volunteers.

Why was a public dog park built in front of shelter?

We want the new facility to be more than a shelter for homeless animals; we envision a resource for all animal issues including education, training and socialization, and a place to celebrate the bond between animals and humans. A dog park is a visible example of this bond. By providing this valuable public resource we hope to encourage residents to visit our shelter when they are looking for a new pet, volunteer and donate, and get involved with the Sacramento shelter community.

Photos of the Old Shelter:

Board of Supervisor Reports

Design Presentation on Facility -

Building the New Shelter:  

By sharing the steps that the Sacramento Animal Care Shelter took towards creating a more efficient, environmentally sound and healthy building, we hope to create a catalyst for innovation. View information about Animal Shelter's GREEN elements.  

The shelter also features a spay/neuter clinic that cost $1,350,000.