If You Are Bitten

If the animal bite is severe enough, seek medical attention immediately and call 368-7387 (PETS) to report the bite. Medical professionals are required by law to report animal bites to the Department of Animal Care.

If no medical attention is required, call 368-7387 (PETS) to report the bite. By law, animal bites must be investigated. Bite investigation does not automatically mean the animal is impounded - it may only mean that vaccination and licenses are verified. This helps us protect public health and safety. 

The more information provided about the bite, the better and quicker the investigation can be done.

Information needed:       

  1. Bite specifics - how severe, nature of the injury, if medical care was sought and where, what the results of medical treatment were

  2. Address of where the bite occurred

  3. Victim's name and address

  4. Animal owner's name and address

  5. Complete description of the biting animal including size, color, breed, and gender 

  6. If possible, the rabies vaccination history of the animal

  7. If possible, animal licensing information

  8. Once the bite is reported to us, the owner or the address of reported owner will be visited to verify that the dog has been vaccinated and the vaccination is current.

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