Have You Found My Pet?

If you have found a pet, please check below to see if pet owners have reported that their pet is missing.

  1. Complete the Found Animal Form 
         a.  Bring the form into the shelter, along with any flyers; or 
         b.  Submit the form to County Animal Care; or fax to 916-875-5519
  2. Register found pet at PetHarbor.comPawboost.com, Finding Rover.com​, and Nextdoor​.com to alert the owner that someone has possibly found their pet.
  3. Post flyers around your area.​
  4. Notify shelters that you have the animal. 
  5. Notify local vets. 
  6. Post an ad in the Sacramento Bee Sacramento Bee's Online Classifieds Placement.​

If you can't care for the animal or it's injured:

Contact veterinarians in your or area shelters immediately. Many 24-hour veterinarian hospitals will take animals after hours until a local shelter is open or will care for the injured animal. 


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